Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar panel cleaning increases energy production by up to 30% with a single cleaning.  Naturally, rain can keep your panels somewhat clean but eventually, you’ll need to have a professional clean your solar panels. 

Solar panels in any environment must be kept clean in order to maintain optimal energy production. “Simple hose cleaning” will also begin to create hard water deposits. Our Reverse Osmosis and deionized cleaning system guarantees that no hard water deposits are left on your solar panels. This will ensure your performance and yearly production yield!

One of the main reasons behind dirt accumulation on the solar panel is their upward angle. In that particular angle, they are most prone to the elements. The garnering of the dust and the dirt is very tough to wash merely by rainwater. The thick layer of dirt and dust allows for less penetration of light and reduces the output.

The energy figures presented by the solar panel manufacturers and installers are entirely based on the solar panels peak performance. However, the accumulation of the dust dirt and bird droppings, hampers the solar panels ability to match up with the presented figures. Residential Solar Cleaning services can help you to achieve the optimum solar panels performances.

While cleaning solar panels is easy and fast, it does involve several risks and we suggest that you have your panels professionally cleaned. Every year, there are thousands of people who fall from roofs and ladders or face electrical shock and we don’t want you to put yourself in danger, which is why we suggest giving us a call for a free quote.  Injuries incurred from any of these things can be very serious and sometimes even fatal. Having your panels cleaned professionally twice a year (once in the spring after the rain has gone and then once again in the early fall before winter sets in), should keep your solar system in great working order for the next 25-30 years and keep you out of the hospital!

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